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Ryan Furlong is a Canadian born film and TV writer-director. His earliest dramatic shorts and music videos earned him nominations at film festivals, the shortlist for TIFF’s prestigious Canada’s Top Ten in 2007, and several Music Video of the Year Awards.

Furlong has a refined but sardonic approach to raw subject matter. His penchant for stories of isolation, lost opportunity and obsession are fitting interests for this Hamilton native, reared by Irish grandparents. His controlled visual language, eccentric characters, counterpoint in music and attention to sonic landscapes are his most effective and consistently employed tools. His ability to create light in the darkest shadows of human nature is a benefit to the noir infused stories he chooses to tell—whether it’s the absurd loss of life in his black comedy THE GIFT; the dangers of an unchecked domestic life in DEAD FLOWERS or BREAK YOUR BODY DOWN; or the vast ensemble cast of antiheroes in his docuseries STREET SPIRITS—his tragic characters transform into beacons of empathy, no matter how dark. His stories always glimmer with hope as he creates martyrs of everyday people.

STREET SPIRITS is his recently completed half-hour television docuseries which he developed, wrote, directed and sold to Bell Media’s TV1 and distributor V71. His early work directing TV films for Bravo! includes DEAD FLOWERS and BREAK YOUR BODY DOWN (Kathleen Edwards, Tim Gibbons)–“… the tension mounts mercilessly… Suspenseful, taut and gorgeously shot.”–CBC; THE VAMPIRE (Bob Lanois, Nola Martin)–a short film based on music by Bob and Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan). His short THE GIFT (Katrina Devine, Daryl Taylor) is an absurd dark comedy that circulated festivals and “elicited a guilty laugh.”–The Hamilton Spectator. The latter two projects were nominated for “Best Canadian Short of 2007” at the Edmonton International Film Festival. His unique brand of music videos earned Furlong consecutive “Video of The Year” awards for directing I’M GONNA STAY THAT WAY (2011), CUCKOO’S NEST (2012), DECEMBER SKY (2013) and for producing ROW (2014).

Furlong is currently pursuing feature films and television series with producer Fred Fuchs, former president of Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Studios and producer of THE GODFATHER III, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA and THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. Projects in development include FOR THE LOVE OF ROSE, an original crime picture Furlong wrote and will direct as his debut feature film; SYMPHONY FOR THE DEVIL, a groundbreaking music documentary series; and THIS AMERICAN DREAM, a one-hour dramatic neo-noir crime series.

IMDb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3642483/